A Simple Sauerkraut Recipe

A refreshing accompaniment to fish or other cooked dishes, or delicious just to nibble on.


2 medium cabbages, red or green, or one of each (approx. 5 pounds)
3 Tablespoons unrefined sea salt
2 Tablespoons caraway seeds
2 Tablespoons of whey liquid (optional)

Tools You’ll Need

A 1.5 – 2 quart sized wide-mouth mason jar or ceramic pot, with lid


1. Remove cores from cabbages and thinly slice using a food processor or good knife. Place in a large bowl and add the salt and caraway seeds.
2. Mix with your hands, squeezing firmly and pushing down the cabbage with your fist to encourage the salt to draw the natural water out.  Continue to do this for the next 15 minutes or so. You want to extract enough of the cabbages’ juices so that they will cover the cabbage when it goes in the jar or pot.
3. Transfer the cabbage to the jar, also pour in all the liquid.  You want the cabbage to be submerged in its juices.  (If there’s not enough juice, just add some brine.)
4. Once the cabbage is completely submerged by the brine, cover with a lid or tea towel and leave at room temperature in a dark corner of your kitchen, for 1 – 3 weeks (less time in summer, longer in winter).
5. It’s ready when it tastes sour and tangy and the cabbage has become soft.  Skim off any white scum that appears on the surface. This is a harmless natural ‘kahm’ yeast and nothing to worry about .
6. Once sufficiently fermented, seal and store in the refrigerator.  It will last 12 months unopened, and 2 months once opened.

Note: Once opened, keep refrigerated. Keep veggies submerged in their liquid and don’t heat.


About Naturopathy by Savvas Ioannides
Savvas Ioannides is a Naturopathic, Herbal and GAPS Diet practitioner who studied at Nature Care College in Sydney. Savvas uses holistic and natural therapies including Herbal remedies and Nutrition to boost your vitality and help you achieve optimum levels of health.

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