The Danger of Teflon

Teflon cookware is now the most commonly cookware in the Western countries but most are unaware of how toxic teflon is and how it may affect health and the environment.

toxic teflon

Teflon is made with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which has been found to be a carcinogen. According to an independent study that advises the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), PFOA is a persistent chemical that’s not easily broken down, and it has caused cancer, developmental problems, and other negative effects in laboratory animals.

Teflon cookware release at least six toxic gasses after about 3-5 minutes of heating including 2 carcinogens, 2 global pollutants and MFA (deadly chemical to humans at low doses).

Actually, birds such as canaries have died by lung heamorrhage after being exposed to teflon fumes, a term called “Teflon toxicosis”.

There are alternatives to teflon treated pans such as stainless-steel, ceramic, cast iron, porcelain enameled cast iron, glass and stoneware for baking.


About Naturopathy by Savvas Ioannides
Savvas Ioannides is a Naturopathic, Herbal and GAPS Diet practitioner who studied at Nature Care College in Sydney. Savvas uses holistic and natural therapies including Herbal remedies and Nutrition to boost your vitality and help you achieve optimum levels of health.

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