Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus)

VitexVitex agnus-castus commonly known as Chaste tree is probably the most widely used herb for the treatment of PMS. Studies have indicated that it acts on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and on dopamine D2 receptors to decrease prolactin levels and therefore help with the symptoms of breast tenderness. Scientific research has also shown that Chaste tree normalises progesterone levels after 3 months’ treatment and alleviates the symptoms of PMS, especially, breast tenderness, irritability, depressed mood, anger, mood changes, headache and constipation. Moreover, Chaste tree is indicated for menstrual irregularities, particularly when low progesterone levels and luteal phase defects such as hyperprolactinaemia, are present. It normalises menstruation in women with shortened, lengthened or infrequent menstruation.


About Naturopathy by Savvas Ioannides
Savvas Ioannides is a Naturopathic, Herbal and GAPS Diet practitioner who studied at Nature Care College in Sydney. Savvas uses holistic and natural therapies including Herbal remedies and Nutrition to boost your vitality and help you achieve optimum levels of health.

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